Spreading positivity

I had couple of ideas what my next post should be about, but to be honest all of them completely vanished just seconds ago.

These holidays are a bit different to me. Mainly because I feel different, as a person. These months haven't changed me completely. Maybe just a bit. But London... It opens up the eyes of each individual as to what world is about. Or maybe it's just me. Then again first time in many years I feel like I belong somewhere. Where my ideas and talents are not being judged but uplifted.

Even though I spend so much time at university that I forget to eat or sleep I am finally content with my life and that is a best feeling. To give in to something that can never hurt or abandon you. Where you can grow as an individual and feel secure. That is ART. And what a huge relief it is when your expectations match reality. I know, expecting something is vain and most of the time everyone gets hurt because of their expectations, but in this case I just couldn't stop thinking how much of a change the decision to study at UAL will bring to my life. Obviously, I was thinking about positive outcomes only and I wasn't disappointed even a tiny bit.

And this time a small collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld!

 Top & pants - ZARA
Bag - Karl Lagerfeld
Shoes - Public Desire
Photographer - Rusne Draz

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