Explore more, expect least

People used to tell me that my blog differs from all the others in a good way because I CAN write. In my opinion (and I think a lot of people would agree with me) blogging is not only about pretty pictures, but also about personality. Us, bloggers have a right to share our opinions: to criticize, uplift and share our insights on various topics. Sadly, most bloggers are incapable of using this right. Some blame the lack of time, but honestly, it‘s just that plain disability to express one's thoughts on a sheet of paper. I can say the same thing, that I don‘t have time to write decent pieces, because of my university and many many other different things, but honestly, I don‘t find time for the things that I‘m unwilling to do. And no one can be blamed for it. Everyone has their moments: when you are simply uninspired to do anything. The only thing that can be labeled as the biggest distraction towards creating is – happiness. When you are completely content with your life it‘s almost impossible to create something great, because you already feel complete with whatever it is that you are doing.

And now I am happy.

Of course, it doesn‘t mean that I already have everything I‘ve ever wanted – not at all. My goals are much greater than getting into UAL (Univeristy of the arts London). However, I‘m not yet willing to share them with you guys. Because like I said some things are worth keeping to yourself, until they actually happen, because the worst thing that we can possibly do is to expect something, either from others or just in general. These false expectations are exactly what puts us down. We create this fantasy, where everything works out perfectly fine, but in reality, it never does, because life is never a fantasy. Life is many tears, laughter, kisses and huge dramas... It's never a movie, nor it has a happy ending because the ending of something itself is considered to be sad.

What I want to say with this post is that - don‘t feel obligated to fulfill someone‘s expectations or make them happy, because – THIS IS NOT YOUR GOAL. Be content with yourself and the ones around will get the same feeling automatically.

Also, today I‘m wearing wonderful Agnes Flick combo alongside with oh.skin belt and Polette sunglasses. Giveaway coming soon, so stay updated & motivated!

Photos taken by wonderful Jonathan Faulkner.

Much love,

Top & Trousers: Agnes Flick
Belt: oh.skin
Sunglasses: Polette 
Shoes: Public desire
Photographer: Jonathan Faulkner

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