Fighting for my way through

So, everything is not quite as glamorous as it seems ...

And no, London is just as I expected it to be. Every place can be both magical and trashy at the same time, but it only depends on the way you look at things. Staying positive may be the hardest thing when you are being turned down for a hundred times in the row, but the ones who are still capable of believing in themselves after uncountable failures - make it. Well, at least this is what I believe in, or I chose to believe. That's the only thing that keeps my head high up. But let's not get into that this time.

I usually never get into the details about my life in London, my studies or how my day looks like because I've no idea if anyone would be interested in it and also I still feel like some things I have to keep for myself. Maybe as I get deeper into the university life I will share some details or tips.

And now... Just wait and see what happens.

This time, I had pleasure working with another Lithuanian clothing brand Top To Bottom, which creates wonderful ''multi dresses''. Each dress has many different ways of wearing it and that's what makes them interesting! So, if you haven't heard of this brand before, you should definitely check it out. And yes, I know that I've just uploaded a look with a coat, but couldn't resist shooting this dress, even though it was quite cold.

That's it for this time.


P.S. Still searching for a fashion photographer in London, so if you know anyone hit me up!

Dress: Top To Bottom
Shoes: Public desire
Photographer: Aiste Biskyte

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