My second week in a big city

Today is exactly two weeks since I've moved to London and I still can't believe it. In a good way obviously, but still... I just can't stop using the word crazy, because it is 'crazy' that dreams actually do come true. I've just started fashion bags and accessories course at University of the arts London (LCF), however as much as I like bags, I still feel like I belong at womenswear, so I'll try switching from for second semester. To be honest, there are no deep thoughts going on my mind, no nothing just complete dedication and realization how hard I will have to work in order to actually get somewhere.

Everything is still quite confusing, but I know I'll make it, because I have no other choice, really. Then again, everyone comes here expecting for the same thing and most of them just get devastated and disappointed with the lifestyle and its fast pace. Coming from quite a small town is not an easy thing to get used to London, but I think that so far I'm doing just fine. Still positive and as motivated as I've always been. The competition is obviously huge, but that's exactly what keeps one going.

I just honestly have this good feeling about everything.

These photos were still taken back in Lithuania by Deimante Dubauskaite. However, new projects are coming soon! Also, introducing amazing belts! Hope you enjoy!


Clothes: Ramune Piekautaite
Photos: Deimante Dubauskaite IDEAphoto

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