From London, with love

 So London is crazy. It‘s the first time that I‘m directly blogging from here. Been super busy with everything and my thoughts are just all over the place, that is the reason that I haven‘t posted in a while, even though I have had the photos I‘ve wanted to share with you guys, the whole time.

It still feels like I‘m dreaming like I‘m going to wake up any moment soon and realize that I‘m back home. And the fact that I‘ve finally turned this huge dream of mine into reality is just insane, that is why it is so hard for me to realize that I‘ve finally made it. Something I‘ve been dreaming of for over eight years now is not a dream anymore.

I‘ve only been here for three days now, so it‘s really nothing yet. My course at the university starts at 26th of September, meaning I still have a little bit of time to explore London. Which, I will willingly do. Also,I‘m searching for photographers and makeup artists that would be willing to work with me in London, long term. So if you know anyone tag them in the comments below ar email me at

This time, I’m sharing photos which were taken back in Lithuania in collaboration with Ramune Piekautaite and COCKOO.

As a designer Solveiga defines her jewellery brand, COCKOO grows out of something organic, structured, sensual and minimal.  Each piece is made with love. Handmade // wild and free. See for yourself!

Much love from London,

 Sweater, skirt, belt & top: Ramune Piekautaite
 Jewellery: COCKOO

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