Craving for happiness

I often feel guilty of being my age: being too cheerful, too positive, too motivated or too much in love, because I am constantly being told that people my age can't be this or that. I am not supposed to give in myself completely into something I believe in. I am not supposed fall in love. I am not supposed to do the things I‘m doing and be actually good at them because I am just too young. Too young to be in love, too young to be so passionate and dedicated to others and myself.

Am I older inside? Am I supposed to be older in order to fit in anywhere? Well, I believe that it doesn't really matter, because no matter my age, appearance and all those other artificial things I won't be able to fit in, just because. I am too much. Too much of a plain human being.

But imagine... At least just for a moment. You have achieved everything you‘ve ever wanted, but you don‘t have love, you have no one who would actually care about your sorrows or achievements. You have no one who you could spoil with your attention. Would it still be that meaningful life you‘ve always wanted? And I‘m not talking about that unrealistic love nowadays society made you believe in. Those fake flowers, fake plush toys – fake happiness. It makes you believe that you need that kind of attention, but you don‘t. You have to be strong on your own and you have to love yourself first in order to love someone else. Maybe it was my fault, that I didn‘t love myself first, before falling in love. I forgot myself completely and all that I could have give was my love alone. However, when I lost it, I felt like I‘ve lost everything, lost my purpose in life. But I was wrong. And it was wrong kind of love. But one fact that I‘ve realized is that I‘m capable of love and that is all you need to know, because it‘s the most beautiful thing, how something can empower you so much and at the same time destroy you. But isn‘t it interesting? Isn‘t it what makes life so unpredictable?

And now, some thoughts on fashion. Recently I had pleasure working with two amazing Lithuanian designers: Melita Rus under the name of Mellow. and Ramune Piekautaite.

Mellow. accessories, as a designer states, are made for the ones who want embrace every second of their exciting lives ‘here and now’, the ones who value uniqueness, not the number of carats and hallmark. Not everything that is worth having has a hallmark, and not everything that is eye-catching has carats. These accessories are made from cables, construction glue, silicone and screws, which are accentuated by carbines and cable tightening details. For every eclectic style lover there’s also added ‘Swarovski’ pearls, natural mineral stones and crystals. Personally, I believe that being exceptional and unique nowadays is almost impossible in the fashion world, but jewelry designer Melita Rus, by the name - Mellow. manages to stay true to her own concept just perfectly. Melita also stands out with the choice of materials, used to create her wonderful pieces. New Mellow. season is coming soon, so make sure you submit to & stay updated!

House of Ramune Piekautaite is usually described as a romantic one and full of feelings. The designer itself has been working in the fashion industry for a long time, that is why she‘s so good at what she does. Clothes of Ramune Piekautaite are also being named as a modest luxury. That is why they fit me & my personality so well.

In the pictures below you can also see some makeup items that my lovely makeup artist and friend - Egidijus has been using. They are from Rodial cosmetics. You should definitely check out this high end skincare and makeup brand for many reasons! Since 1999 Rodial has an extensive celebrity following and global reach with a presence in more than 3,000 doors and 35 countries worldwide.

Hopefully you’ll find this information useful!


Dress: Ramune Piekautaite
Jewelry: Mellow.
Makeup: Rodial
Shoes: Vagabond
Photo:  Deimante Dubauskaite IDEAphoto

Also credits goes to my wonderful makeup artist Egidijus Krocas and Junora beauty lab!

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