Modern touch to minimalism by Sandra Yushka


This time, I had pleasure working with another Lithuanian fashion designer - Sandra Yushka. As a designer defines herself: "Sandra Yushka is all about feeling good and expressing yourself. Comfortable, minimalist, feminine and with an eye on classical details in a modern way." All of those qualities express exactly what I stand for in a fashion world. That is why Sandra Yushka dresses are a perfect match for me. However, during a photo shoot I had quite a romantic look going on. Appearing sweet and girly is not exactly my cup of tea, but nevertheless, I believe that trying out something new is always a good idea. See for yourself!

And... Another big news! As some of you may already know from facebook I can finally announce that I got into the University of the arts London. And yes I've wanted this for over eight years now. However cheesy this may sound it turns out that dreams actually do come true, of course, if you work hard enough to achieve them. So stay strong no matter what it is that you're doing and eventually you will get there. Just remember that believing yourself is far from actually achieving your goals.


Dress: Sandra Yushka
Shoes: ZARA
Photos: Deimante Dubauskaite IDEAphoto

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