The hardest thing in life is realizing that you are meaningless. You are not exceptional, nor you ever will be. You have no purpose. You are NO ONE.


I‘m a firm believer that your life can be as meaningful as you make it to be. The fact that you are no one still remains, but realizing it can help you be more consistent with what you are doing since you have a limited amount of time on this planet. You don‘t have to prove anyone wrong, cause we are all wrong. No one knows how to do things the right way, but it doesn‘t mean that we have to stop trying. Actually being no one is a beautiful thing. It is a state of mind where are no influences, no lies – just you. A raw reflection of a human being you think you are. Peace of meat which will turn into nothing. It‘s funny when you think about it -  we only have this short lifetime and all we do is that we keep trying to be as good as someone else is, at what they are doing. But why not trying to be the best version of yourself? We see these perfect images of models, of what they are wearing and we are made to believe that we will look as good if we buy those clothes, but what we forget is that our body type might be a little different. However, if everyone knew how to dress according to their body type I believe that every woman would look stunningly beautiful. All we have to do is to stop looking at how good someone else is looking or how well that person is doing with his life and turn to ourselves. For once look in the mirror and say „Yes, I‘m beautiful and I‘m a better person than I was yesterday". Only, this way we will be able to deal with our misfortunes and learn to love our true selves. Rarely do we realize that most of the time we are our worst enemies, not others, but US. We make ourselves believe things which are not true and we limit ourselves, while others achieve great things. Things, which were said to be impossible. But it gets BETTER IN TIME. Time – the most relevant thing in the world (after the love of course). Time, which cannot be described, named, touched or actually felt. We only know it‘s there, but what we actually do is that we only measure it by how fastly our bodies get worn out. But you don‘t have  to fear time. The only thing you have to be afraid of is yourself – your thoughts and actions - two things which truly define your identity.

And now one more summerish look. To be honest, I never wear such bright colors, but since it's still summer, thought that maybe I should give it a shot. 


Dress - ZARA
Photos: Deimantė Dubauskaitė IDEA photo