Back to black

I constantly keep telling myself to stop comparing my looks ar actions to others, stop listening to negative comments, simply forget those, who has no wish to stay in my life and let go of those who do, but only drag me down.

But it just doesn't happen.

Yes, I know nothing is overnight, but many years passed and the only thing that changed is that I only became more and more indifferent to other people's problems, their feelings... Why? Simply because many people were indifferent to mine, many deceived me, cheated on me or just left when I needed them the most. And how can you trust anyone, and especially invite someone new into your life, after everything you had to endure with? You know, they say that everyone is different and some of the people remain trustworthy, but they still share the same problem - they are just people. Sure, when I manage to clear my head I tend to experience marvelous things, but most of the time my head feels like a boiling pot. If anyone knows a secret to finding peace within yourself, feel free to share your thoughts with me.

However, it is not only that I became indifferent, I grew stronger and more independent, because that's what you get when trying to do everything on your own, but I am extremely grateful for all of those amazing people I had a chance meeting and even more grateful for those who stayed with me throughout everything.

And for this post, I'd like to thank Sandra Yushka, Public desire, CASEDE and to wonderful makeup artist Egidijus Krocas!


 Dress : Sandra Yushka
Shoes : Public Desire
Phone case : CASEDE
Makeup : Egidijus Krocas
Photos : Deimante Dubauskaite IDEAphoto

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