Afternoon with UMI jewelry

So here I present my first ever collaboration with a Lithuanian jewelry designer Ula Gurgždienė under a name of UMI jewelry. Ula is a conceptual Jewelry designer and a minimalist like myself, which is why I fell in love with her creations. She is longing for perfection, which according to her can only be found in details. Most of the designs she makes are moderate, but nevertheless, they can say a million words about a person wearing them. Her designs are also very modest, without any unnecessary shiny things on top, which tend to catch all of the attention instead of the design itself. The Northern ascetic style of Ula‘s designs also reflects on her choice of materials, which are: silver, rock crystal and her beloved flint (which reminds of a solid lava).

The ice cold glow of the North, immeasurable fields of the sea... This is what I picture when I see UMI jewelry designs. Hope you‘ll enjoy them too.


Shirt&skirt - ZARA
Jewelry - UMI jewelry