Belong to yourself, not others

Okay. So this post won‘t be about fashion. At least not entirely.

As a recent high school graduate, I can‘t relate to all those confused people, who has no idea what to do with their lives. I always knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. It may seem like a good thing, but it isn‘t really when you are in a completely wrong environment. I often wonder why good people are just thrown into places and circumstances which are likely to kill their potential. However, those who bare it succeed, but then again not all of them. So, then I start questioning myself why am I different and why do I deserve to do better than most people... And the only answer I can find is simply : „Because“. It is an incredibly plain answer, but the best one I can find yet. Nevertheless, like I have probably mentioned in my previous posts, my goal is the only thing that makes want to live this life, which is full of lust and deceit. My goal is the only thing, which makes me believe that life can be as beautiful as we imagine it to be. But it saddens me how easily artistic people can be influenced by others because it is much harder not to care about other people‘s opinions when you have a tender soul. Especially when those opinions are thrown on you, by your family members. Sometimes... Oh, who am I kidding... Most of the time outstandingly talented people let go of their passion just to comfort their relatives. Because they don‘t think that their personal happiness is worth of their parent's pain. But I can assure you – your life is not their business. We live in this materialistic society where owning something or even someone makes you feel better, but it shouldn't be like that. We are used to owning things, but when it comes to people... We want to own them too. Parents want to own their children, lovers - the ones they believe to love. And none of us want to understand that this is not the way the world should work.

Of course, we all make mistakes, but some are much bigger than others, and all that we can do is at least try avoiding them.

My art (by whom I mean my designs and many other things) and especially my imagination is where I can find comfort and never in a million years am I letting go of it. And so you must not let go of yourself too.

And now I'm sharing new outfit post from sunny Palanga!


Dress, sunnies and handbag - ZARA

Photos: Žygintas